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History of Church of the Oaks

The perfect image of the small town church of the

last century complete with a steeped roof has been

standing at the corner of West Sierra and Page

streets in Cotati since the land was purchased

March 6, 1906. Built of redwood, the church is

in its same location since its completion in 1907.

The building has never been rebuilt.

The Sebastopol Congregational Church purchased "lot 7 of block 7" from the Thomas Page Company for "$100 in gold coin". Over the years a grove of oak trees grew up around the church, hence the name, Church of the Oaks.

The whole area was owned by Thomas Page, and had been almost since the Bear Flag Revolt in Sonoma. Two different men owned it briefly before him. One of them supposedly lost it in a card game. Page allowed the congregation to buy two adjacent plots more cheaply. For $10, again in gold coin, the Church of the oaks acquired plots eight and nine on 1909. *

The congregation promptly began building a social hall and what is now known as the Rose Cottage, a small building once rented out as a home and now used for small meetings and other activities.

Church records indicate that the following 13 members signed a Church Charter dated June 4, 1901:

William Ollis
Ettie A. Thompkins
Alice B. Middleton
Mrs. A. Davidson
Mrs. Maud King
Thora Muller
Mrs. J. Vallier
Harris P. Mathison
Mrs M. Mathison
Miss M. E. Mathison
Helyn M. Mathison
William Phipps
Mary A. Phipps

The last two of the proud, and very old, oak trees were

found to be diseased and had to be removed on March 25, 2004.

The picturesque Church of the Oaks is home to a vibrant spiritual community and often utilized as the "perfect" place for a wedding.